love however this dish raises eyebrows. A cantaloupe dish with basil? With chile? On the dinner plate? OH, yes, m times affirmative. If ever there was a dish meant for summer grills, this is it. You’ll see the way to rework this dish into a cool summer soup here.

1 medium to giant ripe, musky cantaloupe, peeled, seeded, and dig bite-sized chunks

1 tablespoon fine-diced seeded inexperienced jalapeño

⅓ cup stacked and thin-sliced contemporary Thai, Cinnamon, Spicy Globe, or regular basil leaves

3 to four tablespoons contemporary juice

2 drops Asian fish sauce (nam pla or nuoc nam)

Generous pinch of sugar

Salt and fresh-ground black pepper

In a bowl, gently mix the melon, jalapeño, and basil. One at a time, add the remaining ingredients, tasting as you add eachstarted out during a bowl with long bamboo skewers therefore diners will spear chunks of melon to eat.

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